Your Loved One Can Enjoy a Relaxing and Comfortable Wheelchair Accessible Holiday

Create beautiful memories at our wheelchair accessible holiday home. Disabled persons benefit considerably from our remote forest environment, the peaceful sounds of nature, and the enriching activities we provide …read more

Book Your NDIS Holiday Today with Second Home

Did you know that you may be able to book an NDIS holiday if you have a disability – or plan one for your loved one? While the NDIS does not pay for expenses that they deem unnecessary, such as travel costs and entertainment, they will cover the cost of any specific support you require on your trip …read more

Our NDIS Funded Disabled Accommodation Offers Appropriate Stimulation and Ease

Send your loved one to our disabled accommodation outside Melbourne for their vacation and enjoy a well-deserved holiday of your own at your favourite destination. Our guests receive the best care from our considerate, well-trained, compassionate team in a quiet, beautiful natural environment …read more

Explore Melbourne’s Best Accessible Accommodation

If you require a break from the stress of everyday life, then you should consider accessible accommodation for a vacation. People with limited abilities have specific needs to enjoy time away from their daily routine. Whether you or a family member use a walking frame or a motorised wheelchair, consider spending time at Second Home in Melbourne …read more

We Provide NDIS Holiday Services

People living with disabilities undergo the same if not more physical stress from life than non-disabled individuals. For this reason, you should take advantage of NDIS holiday services and spend time away to recharge. The National Disability Insurance Scheme supports Second Home in Melbourne to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people with disabilities …read more

Book Your Pet-Friendly NDIS Holiday in Melbourne Today

Would you like to take a pet-friendly NDIS holiday in Melbourne? When you book with Second Home, you can. Second Home is an NDIS-funded holiday retreat for people with disabilities. We offer a relaxing vacation for people with disabilities and a much-needed break for their families and caregivers back home …read more