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Explore Melbourne’s Best Accessible Accommodation

If you require a break from the stress of everyday life, then you should consider accessible accommodation for a vacation. People with limited abilities have specific needs to enjoy time away from their daily routine. Whether you or a family member use a walking frame or a motorised wheelchair, consider spending time at Second Home in Melbourne.

Tips to Select Accessible Accommodation in Victoria

People with disabilities also have a desire to travel and enjoy relaxation time. However, most hotels and holiday homes don’t cater to their physical requirements. Living in accommodation that’s not accessible can be difficult for the individual, adding more emotional and physical stress instead of providing relief. These are the steps you should take to identify suitable accessible accommodation in Melbourne.

  • When you’ve decided to embark on a vacation, you must trim your list of potential accommodation sites to as few as possible. Research the facilities that are available for people with disabilities. It isn’t uncommon to call ahead and ask for specific features that you or a loved one require to enjoy their stay. Check if there is access to areas such as the gym or pool.
  • The ideal method of finding out if the accommodation caters to the needs of an individual with limited mobility is to ask a friend or family member for their recommendation. Reviews from previous guests with disabilities are handy to ascertain whether the vacation spot is ideal.
  • If you have any questions about the rooms, bathrooms, the heights of switches and power outlets and more, make sure you send through an email with the relevant concerns. As a result, you will receive responses and confirmation in writing, which you can rely on if there are misgivings.

What to Expect from Second Home Regarding Melbourne Accessible Accommodation

We provide people with disabilities with a literal home away from home. Our primary concern is their happiness and comfort, which is why we exceed the expectations in Victoria for accessible accommodation.

  • Since the NDIS provides us with funding, it’s our responsibility to create a vacation home that your loved ones will enjoy. As a result, our staff on the property can facilitate suitable activities for people with disabilities. They will leave the vacation in a better physical and mental condition.
  • It’s not uncommon for individuals who have a physical challenge to befriend a dog. We understand that these dogs are companions and an extension of your family. For this reason, we have a dog run and cage in place to allow pets to accompany you on vacation.
  • When you stay at our accommodation, you have the privilege of a private room for each person with several dietary options. Since we’re close to nature, you can enjoy the beautiful trees and birds during the day or head out for stargazing in the evenings.

About Second Home

We are here to help you or your loved one with a disability create memories and refresh their minds and bodies. Due to the service we deliver and our accessible accommodation’s facilities, our customers treat themselves to several weeks of vacation time. Contact us to make a reservation and take a break from reality.