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Would you like to take a pet-friendly NDIS holiday in Melbourne? When you book with Second Home, you can. Second Home is an NDIS-funded holiday retreat for people with disabilities. We offer a relaxing vacation for people with disabilities and a much-needed break for their families and caregivers back home. If you weren’t aware that a Melbourne pet-friendly NDIS vacation was a possibility for you, now’s the time to learn more about this superb option.

Benefits of Finding a Pet-Friendly Disability Retreat in Melbourne

Why travel with your pet? Service animals, as well as therapy and companion pets, make a massive difference for people with disabilities. For many people, having their pet around is not just calming but a matter of safety. Whether your pet is there to protect you or keep you company, you may want to bring them along on your holiday. Second Home allows you to do just that. Here are some ways animals can help people with disabilities as they travel and in their daily lives.

  • Guide dogs. Guide dogs are perhaps the best-known service animals. These trained pups help their handlers navigate their way around, identify potential hazards, and generally stay safe as they go about their day-to-day lives. Trained guide dogs display excellent judgment and focus and are not easily distracted by other animals or people – all their concentration is on keeping their handler safe when working.
  • Hearing dogs. Dogs aren’t only trained to help people who have vision impairments; some dogs can assist people with hearing impairments, as well. Because of the acute hearing of dogs, they are perfect for this role, and these dogs undergo extensive training to identify all kinds of sounds, such as smoke alarms, ringing telephones, doorbells, and alarm clocks. Then, they’ll alert their handler to a sound that requires their attention.
  • Service animals. Other types of service animals can assist people with physical disabilities, mental illnesses, autism, and other issues. These pets know how to complete tasks such as opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, or alerting their handler that they need to pay attention to something. They can also provide physical support regarding stability and balance, pull wheelchairs, retrieve medications, and more.
  • Companion animals. Some animals may not provide physical assistance, yet they are just as important. Therapy and companion animals are there to soothe their owners and improve their mental well-being. Many people with disabilities experience less anxiety when they are with their pet. This is often because animals are patient and non-judgmental, loving and accepting humans just the way we are.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Pet-Friendly Disability Retreat in Melbourne?

  • Communicate clearly with your support worker. Before you even book your accommodation, discuss the trip. You’ll need to agree on several aspects of the trip, such as the level of support that you require and a reasonable daily rate for the duration of your holiday. Keep in mind that while you may not need 24/7 support, your caregiver is essentially on call for the entire time they’re away from home and on the road with you.
  • Travel with a group. When you plan your holiday with several other people who also need support, you can split the time and expense of a support worker between you. You may even be able to find a package deal that helps lower costs even more. Ask your Melbourne pet-friendly NDIS vacation home operator if they have any deals or can invoice for a group under the NDIS. This can save you time and ensure that invoicing and payments are completed correctly.
  • Find the right retreat. Once you know how your NDIS plan covers a holiday and know your budget, you’ll want to find the best holiday option for you. Especially if you love having your furry friend with you, it’s important to find a pet-friendly NDIS vacation home in Melbourne. The right place will cater to your needs and provide a fun, relaxing holiday away from home where you can still have access to the support you need – and even bring along your dog or cat for company.

What You Can Expect from Second Home on Your Pet-Friendly NDIS Vacation in Melbourne

Second Home is a luxury Melbourne retreat where we cater to people with disabilities. We provide a safe, relaxing place for people with disabilities to enjoy a getaway and take a break from all the stress in their daily lives. Here are a few of the things you’ll love about Second Home.

  • We are a Melbourne NDIS pet-friendly holiday location. Many people aren’t aware that the NDIS will cover some of the costs associated with taking a holiday, particularly when it supports your NDIS plan’s goals. You can claim expenses related to your disability, such as your travel support worker, your medical equipment, or the additional cost of an accessible room or vehicle.
  • Bring your furry friend along with you. One of the best things about Second Home is that you can travel and stay here with your pet. We welcome pets and make special arrangements for them, such as our dog run and cage. Your dog can relax, play, and frolic while you enjoy the sunshine (or the stars).
  •  We offer plenty of fun activities. As a Melbourne pet-friendly retreat, we provide a luxurious getaway for people with disabilities. As such, we cater to your specific needs, tailoring activities to you and your preferences and abilities. We are located in a beautiful island forest area where you’ll hear birds singing, spend evenings stargazing, walk among the trees and flowers, sip a cup of tea on the patio, listen to old records, or do whatever you like to do on vacation.

About Second Home

If you’re looking for a Melbourne pet-friendly luxury disability retreat, Second Home is truly your home away from home. We are NDIS-funded and located in a secluded forest area where you can relax, breathe, and escape your daily life for a while. Whether you prefer to sit under the trees and get lost in a good book, enjoy a barbecue night with your new or old friends, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of our outdoor area, there is always something for you to do. Our well-trained staff are dedicated to making each guest feel welcome and ensuring that they stay happy and healthy while they’re here with us.

You can contact us here with any questions or to make your reservation.