NDIS Holiday Services

We Provide NDIS Holiday Services

People living with disabilities undergo the same if not more physical stress from life than non-disabled individuals. For this reason, you should take advantage of NDIS holiday services and spend time away to recharge. The National Disability Insurance Scheme supports Second Home in Melbourne to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people with disabilities.

What You Should Know About a Melbourne NDIS Vacation

The NDIS has helped revolutionise the provision of disability services throughout Australia. Consequently, individuals with disabilities gain a sense of independence and freedom of choice. One of the common questions that people living with disabilities ask is whether the NDIS will pay for their vacation at an NDIS holiday location.

  • The NDIS provides funding for reasonable and necessary support. You won’t receive funding for food, accommodation, and entertainment but only for your care. Costs that aren’t part of your essential care are for your expense, while the NDIS won’t finance flights.
  • If you’re heading for a one-week vacation and are fairly independent, it means you don’t require extensive assistance. You’d fall in the one-to-four carer to client ratio, and the NDIS determines the total amount for those services. Those funds contribute to the overall cost of your stay while you are responsible for the balance.
  • When we consider the same scenario, but you require assistance with personal care, dressing, and eating, your support ratio decreases to a one-to-two carer to client ratio. Since your care costs are higher than in the first example, the NDIS would contribute more toward the vacation and, as a result, significantly decreases the portion that you must settle.

What Sets Second Home Apart as a Melbourne NDIS Holiday Location?

Our vacation home is warm, comforting and inviting, with several disability facilities. You can break away from the daily stress of life by immersing yourself in an isolated forest location where nature surrounds you. The tranquillity of our holiday accommodation will surprise you.

  • If you rely on a pet to offer guidance and companionship, you’re more than welcome to allow your furry best friend to tag along on your vacation. We have a dog run and cage in place so you can rest easily alongside those that matter to you.
  • We’re about creating a relaxing environment that is suitable for you to enjoy. As a result, you’ll find that we provide a private room for every person and facilitate appropriate activities for you. In terms of food, we have various options that cater to specific dietary requirements.
  • Suppose you still prefer to keep busy even while on vacation, you can take advantage of our indoor games such as table soccer and air hockey or embrace new challenges with one of several boards and card games for various ages. However, if you prefer sitting in the music room, enjoying the records we have, then that’s your prerogative.

Why Choose Second Home?

We like to think of our property as your home away from home. It’s cosy and comfortable, and our staff are always present to transform your experience into a memorable one. Once you’ve stayed in our NDIS-funded accommodation, you’ll find yourself coming back. Contact us to make a booking.