A Guide To Wheelchair Accessible Accommodation

Wheelchair accessible accommodation promotes inclusivity and allows those with disabilities a place to relax without worrying about accessibility. Essentially, if a building doesn’t have wheelchair access, it creates significant problems and excludes a large group of people from even being able to enter the premises. We take a look at the perks of wheelchair-friendly accommodations and how they benefit participants looking for a home away from home.

What makes accommodation wheelchair accessible?

It takes more than putting a ramp at the front of a building for it to be classed as wheelchair accessible accommodation. We take a look at the many factors that can attribute to a building being wheelchair friendly. Whether it be wheelchair accessible accommodation in Victoria or anywhere in the world, these are the common areas that should be checked for its accessibility and what enables a property to receive a wheelchair accessible label:

  • Step-free access to entries (level or ramped) and/or lift access.
  • Automated door opening.
  • Ground level/lobby level accessible washroom facilities.
  • Elevator to above ground accessible accommodation.
  • Level or ramped access to public areas.
  • Wide entry and bathroom doorways - is the doorway easy to get through?
  • Mid-height light switches and power outlets.
  • Lever type of door handles.
  • Maneuvering space on each side of the bed.
  • Roll-in shower.
  • Wheeled shower chair and/or wall-mounted shower seat.
  • Grab bars in the bathroom.

What are the disadvantages of accommodation not being wheelchair accessible?

If a building is not wheelchair accessible, it excludes a whole group of people from doing everyday activities that many people take for granted, e.g., opening a door/entering a room. Second Home, which is wheelchair accessible accommodation in Melbourne, prides itself on being accessible for all. There is a large range of accessible accommodation in Victoria for those in a wheelchair, but if there are certain aspects that are crucial to the participant’s living arrangement, it’s a good idea to double-check if the accommodation provides it. Omission of such wheelchair-friendly services can be a detriment to the participant’s experience.

How wheelchair accessible accommodation can make your loved one’s life easier

Inclusive design for accommodation has increased connectivity like never before. Participants in wheelchairs can be part of, and join in on things that many people take for granted. Accessible accommodation in Melbourne is vast, but how does it make participants’ life more manageable? The benefits of being wheelchair friendly include:

Old man sitting near city river
  • Participants can complete general activities. Including wheelchair friendly facilities means that participants can complete day-to-day tasks e.g., showering, opening doors, accessing rooms etc.
  • Promotes inclusivity. Not providing wheelchair accessible accommodations will exclude people from being involved and can be detrimental to their mental health.
  • Safety precautions. Factors such as a stand-up bar in the shower enable participants to move around easier, creating a safe environment.
  • Adds comfort. Participants feel more comfortable when they can get around rooms without any obstacles or blockages to overcome.
  • Loved ones can rest easy. If accommodation is wheelchair accessible, it adds a level of comfort for loved ones, too, as they can rest easy knowing the participant is being taken care of in a safe environment.

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At Second Home, we’re dedicated to providing all of our guests with individualised support and disability services tailored to their specific needs. We understand that, at times, everyone forgets just to take a minute to breathe, which is why we have created a safe haven for people with disabilities to come and just take a load off. So if you and your loved one are looking for disability support services in Melbourne by compassionate NDIS providers, look no further than Second Home, your supportive home away from home.