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NDIS Respite

Why You Should Start Looking Into NDIS Respite

NDIS Respite is a valuable service and deserves the right to be spoken about more. However, it can be a little bit of a stressful process when first looking into it, as there is a range of steps to look into to find which type of respite is right for you. We take you through everything you need to know about NDIS respite and how to best prepare for it.

What is NDIS Respite?

As many know, respite is a term used often when referring to taking relief. It’s used regularly through disability schemes that allow carers and/or families to take a break from the usual ‘everyday activities of a carer. NDIS offers many different government-funded programs that are available to support carers, and eligible NDIS participants may use funding in their plan to facilitate the respite. NDIS Respite Care supports participants and their carers by giving carers short breaks from their caring responsibilities. For carers, taking some time off can help them better manage their own health and improve their wellbeing.

Who is eligible to participate in NDIS Respite?

To be eligible for NDIS respite accommodation, one needs to be eligible for the NDIS scheme. The eligibility criteria asks the following questions:

You must be under 65 to access the NDIS. However, for those over 65, you may be able to find other support.

The NDIS is only available to people who live in Australia, Australian citizens, Permanent Visa holders, and Protected Special Category Visa holders.

  • If yes, you may be eligible. Find out how to apply.
  • If not, the NDIS may not be the best way to support you. However, you may be able to access other supports.

What services do disability respite houses offer? 

Disability respite services all differ from one another, and therefore the services they offer will change. At Second Home specifically, we offer accommodation located in an isolated forest area to create a maximum relaxing atmosphere. Our disability respite accommodation provides safe and fun activities such as:

  • Walks among the trees and flowers
  • Bird watching
  • Sipping cups of tea on the patio
  • Indoor air hockey
  • Table soccer

The great thing about NDIS respite services is that depending on where you go determines the types of activities and games that are offered. Therefore, participants can take a look at the services on offer before making a decision as to where they will go, so that they can get everything they want out of the stay.

For Quality Disability Support Services From An NDIS Provider That Cares, Contact Second Home Today

At Second Home, we’re dedicated to providing all of our guests with individualised support and disability services tailored to their specific needs. We understand that, at times, everyone forgets just to take a minute to breathe, which is why we have created a safe haven for people with disabilities to come and just take a load off. So if you and your loved one are looking for disability support services in Melbourne by compassionate NDIS providers, look no further than Second Home, your supportive home away from home.