Disability Short-Term Accommodation

If you have been searching for the best luxury retreat home for people with disability, we’re glad you’re here. At Second Home, we pride ourselves in providing a beautiful inviting home for people with disabilities, located just outside the city of Melbourne. We understand the value of the occasional vacation, both for caregivers and their loved ones. Maintaining optimal physical, mental, and emotional health requires a rejuvenating retreat now and then! Unlike many other retreat homes, our Melbourne accessible vacation rentals are a tailor-made disability service, featuring optimal design and comfort for people of all ages and special needs.

As an NDIS funded retreat center, Second Home provides the best, personalised care, situated in a gorgeous natural setting. We help caregivers like you finally take some time for yourself, by offering a safe, comfortable place for your loved one to relax. It can be difficult to find short-term accommodations in Melbourne that are aimed at people with disabilities, and that is NDIS funded too, but we have it all! You’ll be able to rest well knowing your family member is in good hands with us and will truly enjoy their stay at our retreat home.

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We Focus On Service

Because we focus on serving people with disabilities community and their caregivers, Second Home’s Melbourne accessible vacation rentals emphasise a cozy, welcoming, and enriching environment. With private rooms, daily food service, and personalised activity plans, our facility can accommodate all kinds of needs. When you are ready to get some well-earned downtime, and give your loved one an experience to remember, get in touch with us at Second Home for accessible vacation rentals in Melbourne.